Friday, July 30

MORE Retro-fighting on the PS2

Aside from getting Streetfighter 3: Third Strike via the Streetfighter Anniversary Anthology disc, the Playstation 2 will also be getting Sega AM2's fighting classic, Virtua Fighter 2 as part of the Sega Ages series of games.
The last time VF2 was made into a home version (if you ignore a pretty horrid translation to the Sega Genesis) was for the Sega Saturn, which really wasn't up to the task of recreating the advanced Model 2 graphics of the time. While gameplay was intact, the look of the Saturn's graphics was just a fraction of the arcade version's visuals. The PS2 however should have more than enough muscle to produce an arcade-perfect port. The conversion will contain not only the original arcade game edition, but the upgrade VF 2.1 as well.
I remember the arcade version, and it was a handsome game for its time... it'll be great to see it in full glory and action again.

The PS2 port of Virtua Fighter 2 is scheduled for Japanese release in October.

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