Tuesday, July 27

Loss of Spirit

I'm depressed and pissed.

It seems that Animax is going ahead and dubbing ALL of their shows in english ALL the time.

You know, there are reasons why anime enthusiasts like me prefer to watch anime in original Japanese. There are emotions, meanings and nuances that english just simply cannot translate properly. Second, Japanese voices just sound COOLER. Guys sound more intense. Girls are cuter or more sultry. Jokes are funnier even if you don't hear the words' meanings- you can feel it in their voices. And finally, a LOT of english dubs just SUCK. Remember those horrid AXN dubs for Ninku? The flat translations of Samurai X on Studio 23?

"I will beat your Amakakeru Ryu No Hirameki with MY Amakakeru Ryu No Hirameki!!!"


Really, decent english dubs are rare, though they do exist. But for the most part, rushed dubs for these cable networks just don't cut it.

Well, I guess I can still just stick to my store-bought anime VCDs for my authentic Japanese-voiceovers, and the shows on Animax as of late are quite mediocre, so it's no big loss yet. I'm just cringing right now at the prospect of watching Getbackers all over again... in ENGLISH... Geh...

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