Thursday, July 29


So here I am, sitting in the pantry of our office on the 20th floor, looking down at the brightly lit length of Ayala Avenue.

it's past midnight, but you'll find that at anytime there are quite a lot of people milling about nearby. Once, you'd think that the nightshift would be populated only by the odd old security guard or night watchman, or some 24 hour resto skeleton crew.

These days though, you'll find troops of young people hanging out at a random building or filling up a nearby MiniStop. Of course, it's not because there's a trendy nightspot in the area... they're probably just the employees of a call center, which seems to be the "in" starting profession for greenhorns these days. All you need I guess is a good speaking voice and the command of the english language, and a good sense for punctuality. The hours are horrid, the pay is probably basic, and the demands totally exacting (one case of tardiness and you're OUT, according to Charles), but it seems that everyone and their cousin is heading for a Call Center these days.
Me? I'd never make it into one of those things. I'd get fired the first day.

Fortunately, overnights are rare for me (relatively), so I can still get home at decent hours every now and then. Sometimes, I even get to see the SUN. Just one of the perks for working in a hotshot ad agency. Hehehehe... Sigh.

Okay. Back to thinking about promos...

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