Wednesday, September 15

Black and White and Yellow and Red

YES, it's Sin City. YES, it's Jessica Alba.

Ever since comic books started becoming movies, I always thought that somehow, someway despite the change in medium there are things that the film version should not compromise. That's why movies like the X-Men films, Daredevil and the upcoming Elektra movie come up way too short for the hardcore comic geek in me. The LOOK. YES, Cyclops, we WANT to see yellow spandex. Where is the DAMN red ninja costume? If you're not going to capture the look and feel of a comic, why even take from the comic at all?
Well, it seems at least that comic fans will soon be seeing a graphic novel jump out at them seemingly from page to celluloid without much change, at least in visual style and graphic punch. I just watched the first footage from the upcoming Sin City translation, and it... looks... brilliant. Black and white for most (except when the Yellow Bastard or the Lady in Red appears), the film looks to be a VERY faithful recreation of the series of graphic novels... and it SHOULD, seeing as how Frank Miller (master of Sin City himself) is on board with director Robert Rodriguez to bring the blood-spattered, leather-bound, bullet-riddled, black-and-white stories of crime and passion to onscreen life. I haven't read much of the series, but I know of it, and now I just may get into it.

Check out a glimpse into the comic-book crimeworld of Sin City here in this Comic Con Promo and revel in the starkness of glorious MP4 (So grab the latest Quicktime before you try). Man, this is going to be something to look forward to.

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