Thursday, September 16

Never Final

Vincent gets to shine in his own game...

If you thought the upcoming Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children is the last word in the FF7 franchise, you're dead wrong. There's a lot of life brewing in Square's most beloved FF world aside from the sequel movie to the PS classic. In the pipes is a cellphone-based game called Final Fantasy VII: Before Crisis, which puts players in the boots and suits of members of The Turks, the feared hatchetmen of the powerful Shinra Electric Power Company. Players actually form a network and can aid each other through play with their cellphones, battling monsters and going on operations just like in an action RPG. This game was first supposed to be for Japan only, but it has now been approved for release in the US and other countries. Will it reach here in the Philippines? Who knows.
Another release in the FF7 vein is Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus, a game that will star the popular character Vincent Valentine, former Turk-turned shapechanging superbeing/gunner. It's not yet known what the game is all about, or even how it's going to play. But it will surely be something to look at once FF7 fever hits again with the release of Advent Children.

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