Thursday, September 16

Eyes Wide Shut

Just a scant couple of years ago, all I had to give me information about upcoming things like movies, comics and videogames were magazines, which came loaded with news and stuff that's at LEAST a month or so late in itself (that's the reality of print). These days, when I need to find out the latest developments with my interests, all I have to do is surf online and I can literally see the up-to-the-minute latest developments in the thing I'm looking for, thanks to BBS Groups, Forums and Special Interest Websites.
The CRAPPY thing is, you now actually FEEL every single SECOND and HOUR and DAY of waiting. And when you wait, things happen. For example, I'm waiting for the next Dead or Alive game, Dead or Alive Ultimate, and it's SUPPOSED to come out in a couple of weeks. Then someone on the message boards posts that the game's going to be delayed a month. No proof, no official confirmation... just some asshole posting that some guy in some company told him so and so. And NOW, everyone's getting antsy and worried about a possible delay. Including ME!!! AAAARRRGHHHH...

It's a double-edged sword, this age of hi-speed communications and world-wide networks. We learn about stuff faster, quicker and deeper. But we still have to wait and wait and sweat it out all the same. In fact, we sweat it out more these days. That's the price of knowledge... paranoia and obsession. Darn. I should just keep myself busy with stuff and just lay off the lurking and the surfing... it's not like I don't have tons of stuff to do. Sigh.

The world may have gotten smaller, but it still turns just as slow. Heh.

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