Wednesday, September 15

The Death of 2-D?

Capcom calls quits on 2-D fighters
Noritaka Funamizu, the creator of Capcom's legendary 2D fighting series Street Fighter has left Capcom to begin his own games studio. Funamizu's credits also include recent Capcom classics such as Resident Evil Outbreak and Monster Hunter, but it seems that the 2D fighting scene is where he belongs.
Capcom announced that after Capcom Fighting Jam they will not produce any more 2D fighting games, and perhaps it is this which has led for Funamizu to decide to leave. Currently, his new company Craft and Meister have no games in development, and are looking for more recruits. It'll be interesting to see what they produce.

Source: NewsOr

Now THIS is a downer. Even in these days of 3-D games and lifelike polygons, there will always be a certain mystique and grace to 2-D, sprite-based characters. And no other 2-D fighter is as great as the Street Fighter games. If this news item is true, then I guess Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike was IT. It's sad to think that there may not be a Street Fighter 4 in the near future, but who knows? SNK-Playmore is still around as a 2-D games advocate, but without Capcom it just isn't the same. But if there's anything sure about the videogaming world, it's the fact that nothing is for sure. I'm hoping for more 2-D shoryukens somehow, someday.

But give me a my Ibuki in 3-D and I'll be happy as a clam. heh.

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