Tuesday, February 1

Resisting Temptation

Yesterday I passed by Toy Kingdom at Megamall and I spied lovely Playstation Portables (PSPs) on display. From what I can gather, the barebones unit-only package costs Php 21,000+, while the Value Pack (which includes some accessories) goes for Php 24,000+.
Now, some time ago I would have jumped the gun and bought my own Sony portable right there and then, but DAMN, it's pretty pricey for a handheld. Yeah, the PSP is cool as hell (what a paradox), but you have to consider quite a few things.

First, the units right now are first-wave machines; there are bugs to be worked out, flaws in both the hardware and software that early adopters will surely get inflicted with. Things like dead pixels. UMD (the discs the PSP uses) lids popping open inadvertently, causing the ultra-delicate UMD to fall to the ground and be rendered useless. And of course, the fact that there just aren't any cool games yet. Sure, Ridge Racer is out but it's hardly something worth 20K to play, is it?

And of course, any and all games right now are in Japanese. Including the arguably pretty cool Metal Gear Acid. Unless you have mastery of Nippongo, it's pretty pointless to go further.

Nope, I'm going to wait a while. For the prices to go down. For the PSP's flaws to get worked out and remedied in future batches. For UMD movies or at least software to encode MP4 movies watchable on the thing to be introduced. For a PSP Streetfighter or Tekken or Dead or Alive.

And, at the very least, AFTER I release K.I.A.

With these thoughts adamant in my mind, I turned to leave. As I did, my eyes veered to the side where a rich kid was inspecting the shiny, brand-new PSP he was about to buy.

Poor fool.

Poor DAMN frickin' lucky bastard fool.


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