Thursday, February 3

She's Baaaaaack...

Death can't keep a good bad girl down.

Got my comics yesterday.

Suikoden III is actually growing on me again. The art's been consistent and quite lovely, and the story is moving quickly. I guess I'll be staying with this one until the bitter end. Perhaps I should start re-playing the game before I get spoiled with the manga.

Haven't read Blade of the Immortal's latest ish yet, and I don't expect to until I amass about three or four more issues. So at least I can look forwward to sitting down with it and warming the seat at least before I finish. Heh.

Battle Vixens looks cool, but I've got to catch up since I actually haven't read this since the third book.

Uncanny X-men 455 brings back a certain sexy ninja-telepath of English descent with an killer Asian body... Yep, Psylocke's back despite being gutted and put in a body bag some time ago. Maybe she was found by the same guys who resuscitated Kai? Anyway, there's talk that the hottie X-man was killed off and stayed dead because of Joe Quesada. Well, apparently that's changed and she's back courtesy of Chris Claremont. And there's talk that she might actually show up in the next X movie, which explains quite a bit. Heh.

Shanna the She-Devil is finally in my hands. It's a lot more expensive than the usual comics, which prevented me from buying an extra copy. Anyway, the art is GORGEOUS... Frank Cho can really draw women. Anyway, the issue is a fast read, and it's pretty easy to see that this new Shanna isn't your daddy's jungle girl. It seems she's an experimental super-soldier created by the Nazis, and now discovered by some explorers. Well, thanks to Mr. Cho we'll be seeing the blonde goddess in a makeshift bikini instead of Nazi fatigues. I hope this series sells so well that Shanna becomes a regular series. DROP THE FRIGGIN' SILLY ANIMALS AND DRAW JUNGLE GIRLS FULL TIME, MONKEYBOY!

Ah. So many comics. So little blood. It's a wonder I can still type...

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