Thursday, February 3


When the muse hits, you answer.

Yesterday, during a bit of down time, I whipped up this sketch of Kai. It turned out pretty well, so I'll probably ink and color it and use it somewhere in the K.I.A. book. It's been a long time since I've really drawn and done comics for considerable lengths of time. The way I work, I do comics in sprints. If I'm really into a project I'll sit down and do it and that will probably be what consumes any personal time I have. As Vin and the gang will probably remember, I'd bring finished pencils and stuff almost everyday to show off.
These days however, I do most of the work at home, partly because I don't usually carry a bag anymore. Perhaps the current waiting time for K.I.A. has somewhat made me lazy, but I'm still pretty pumped to make comics, bring characters to life and see amazing things materialize on paper from my hands.

Yep, there's nothing quite like that. It's magic, in a way, and I'm happy that I have this skill or talent (though I would have wanted the ability to play the piano or mastery of martial arts in me somewhere as well).

Whether it's drawing Angel Ace or Kai or any other of the cast of heroes, villains and anti-heroes battling in my head, I'll be drawing and writing and spinning stories for years to come. Promise.

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