Tuesday, February 1

Timeless Adventure

They’re showing Raiders of the Lost Ark on HBO. Even though I’m pretty tired, I just have to watch it. It’s still the best action adventure film of its kind (the tomb-raiding, treasure-hunting, quasi-historical kind), having the best hero, the best quests, the best villains and action, and the best direction, performances, tone, music and craft. And in the Indiana Jones Trilogy, Raiders is head-and-shoulders above its sequels.

Of course, it’s a bit of trivia that actor Alfred B. Molina AKA Doctor Octopus from Spiderman 2 appears in Raiders, as one of Dr. Jones’ guides at the beginning of the movie (He’s the one who grabs the idol and leaves Indy once the earth starts shaking). These days, marketing for Raiders hypes up Molina’s appearance in the movie, now that he’s a bigger name. Well, whatever works. It’s pretty funny to note that one of Molina’s scenes involves an encounter with some arachnids… perhaps an omen of the future? Heh.

Alfred B. Molina had problems with spiders even back then.

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