Friday, February 4

A Date with the PSP

The US release of the Playstation Portable is now set for March 24. The handheld will be sold in a 'Value Pack' that will include, aside from the PSP itself, a headset/remote control, sample UMD disc, 32 mb memory stick, battery pack, AC adapter, a soft case, cleaning cloth AND a bonus UMD disc of the recent blockbuster movie, Spiderman 2. Wow! I would have preferred FFVII Advent Children, but that's nice. However, the bad news... the bundle will retail for $249.00. YOUCH! The price is a lot higher than industry experts predictions, which tagged the price at about $200, to match the Japanese retail price.
The launch lineup seems to be similar to the Japanese games... no real headturners for me. Damn, that's expensive. I guess that 20K peso-plus price is pretty much what we'll be seeing, though after a while a price below 20K should be possible eventually. Well, for me, it's wait and see. It's all about the games for me, so unless a title gets my interest, I'm holding out for now.

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