Sunday, May 15


Today, I sold off my lovely O2 XDA II. This is in preparation for my upgrade to the O2 XDA II Mini, but I won't be able to get my next Pocket PC phone for a bit- perhaps a week or two- so in the meantime I will be using a simpler Nokia 3100 to keep in touch with the world.

I dare say it will be a bit of a jar for me to suddenly be back in the world of one-handed texting with a solid, real numerical keypad and looking at a tiny, non-touch sensitive screen. But then, I'll be back into the hi-tech world of portable computing and multimedia soon enough.
Anyway, the day for me was genuinely pleasurable, since I bequeathed my former PPC phone to my good friend Dean, whom I dare say deserves to have a nice toy to play with in between his hard work as the GM of his own company. It was really cool to show someone the wonders of a field or a world that you have come to enjoy yourself. With the XDA II, he can do stuff that he previously could only do with his laptop or a variety of devices. Now, with the phone he can do guerrilla writing, note-taking, taking snapshots and vids, doodling, playing games, surf the web, read documents, watching whole episodes of favorite shows... Darn, technology is so amazing these days, and that I was able to give someone the same pleasure just makes my day.

In the meantime, I'll be keeping myself occupied as well. Encoding videos, making new wallpapers and looking for more stuff and goodies for my upcoming new phone. In between staring at the O2 XDA II Mini review in the latest issue of T3, that is. Heh. The days should pass fairly quickly. Really.

Everything comes to he who waits. Soon.


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