Thursday, May 19


As early as yesterday, some theaters in the Metro were already showing Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.

I expect to watch the third and supposedly last Star Wars prequel at least twice this weekend, once with the Comic Quest gang, and another with the college buds. I hope I finish the load for work so as to clear my schedules for a worry-free watch during the breather.
Anyway, word on the latest Episode has been good. I expect to have a good watch, despite the third film being about the fall of the Jedi and the 'bad guys' winning the day. I really can't shed too many tears for the Jedi, who really didn't impress on me that they were great forces of good in the two lackluster SW prequels. All I saw was a bunch of extras and wannabees in robes, twirling lightsabres. With the exception of Obi wan and Yoda (and I guess Qui-Gon), I really don't care much for the Jedi. Their order is stiff, distrustful, arrogant and a bit wussy... I'm not sorry to see them go. Which may be a point of why Anakin Skywalker was to bring 'balance' to the Force. Whatever.

I think it would be safe to say though that the Star Wars universe will continue in some form in the theaters, be it a continuation of the New Hope characters' stories or perhaps an all-new cast altogether. This is a goldmine of a franchise, despite the fool's gold of a couple of movies. And we, of course, will always be drawn to it like moths to a flame. Ouch.

Review of ROTS to be posted as soon as I get a watch. Heh.

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