Tuesday, May 17

The Future of Gaming

Dead or Alive 4 on the Xbox360.

My gosh.

Go online with a good broadband connection and just suck in all the E3 goodness. There's so much next-gen gaming eye candy and mind-bliss floating around, gamers' heads will be spinning afterwards... I know mine is. This early, start saving up those quarters. Start racking up those rackets and earmark those bonuses. Any hardcore gamer will NEED to have an Xbox 360 and a PS3 by 2005's end.

Some of the sights and teasers shown online...

A peek at Tekken 6 (yes, 6) which is basically just a look at a VERY lifelike Jin Kazama flexing and doing some wicked moves. The tagline 'A New Reality' hints at visuals and action a level above what we've yet seen.

As I've mentioned earlier, Dead or Alive 4 has been announced. Just saw the TRAILER, and it's full of sexy gaming goodness. The veteran fighters are back alongside new faces and bodies, including dusky-skinned Lisa whose mysterious fighting art is apparently luchadore wrestling. The stages in DOA4 look positively AWESOME, and include obstacles and elements where fighters can get slammed into and knocked over. In one stage, fighters can be thrown onto a raging freeway with cars speeding to and fro, threatening to clobber characters unlucky enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. The animation seems fuller, with new moves and tactics (guard breaks). This will sell a LOT of Xbox360s, mark my words.

A new Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children trailer was shown, showing off more footage that will have fans of the classic FF foaming at the mouth to have a copy of this upcoming CG movie. Lots of new scenes including more action with Tifa and the rest of the FFVII cast (even some Turks action) and a certain one-winged angel showing his silver-haired presence...

Still on FFVII, a tech demo of the classic game was shown, recreating the opening cinema of the PSOne original, except with PS3 graphics. All I can say is... MY GOSH.

It's never been this good to be a gamer ever. Heh.

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