Thursday, May 19

E3 Wrap-up

Just a bit more gaming bits as E3 finishes for this year.

Will we be seeing Final Fantasy VII remade for the next Playstation? The lovely new CG tech demo for FFVII, shown at E3, gave hints that we just may be seeing the classic PSOne game remade for Sony's next-gen system, but with totally redone graphics and movies. This makes sense to bring what probably is the BEST Final Fantasy to the young gamers who probably can't figure out why a generation of players were so affected by the original game.

DOAX2 is in the works. Yep, a sequel to the crazy DOA sports-spinoff, Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball is in the works. DOA creator Tomonobu Itagaki revealed in an interview that the sequel is actually complete enough to run on a regular Xbox, but will continue to be developed for release on the Xbox360. What can we expect? More volleyball, more customization and sexy swimsuits and accessories to collect, and perhaps even a new sport for the fighting babes of DOA to take on. And better breast physics. Expect this to come in well after the launch of Xbox360, perhaps in mid-2006.

As for the main Dead or Alive 4 game that's coming with the launch of Xbox360, some more new info on the new characters. The girl with long, dark hair is Kokoro, and she uses the Hakkyoku-Ken style of martial arts- the same style used by Akira Yuki in the Virtua Fighter series. The blonde-haired youth is Elliot, and his Keii Ken style emphasizes strong single hits and palm strikes. As for the 'mystery wrestler' shown fighting Bass in the trailer, Itagaki hasn't revealed who she is yet, though we're fairly certain this is Lisa from DOAX. She apparently uses a mix of pro-wrestling moves and capoeria kickfighting. DOA4 is being touted as one of Xbox360's launch titles in late 2005.

Metal Gear 4 is coming to PS3, and despite some earlier news stating the contrary, original game creator Hideo Kojima will be returning in the director's chair. Also, Solid Snake will be the main character (though expect pretty-boy Raiden to appear in some form). No word yet on the story, but there will be a reunion of sorts of returning characters such as Revolver Ocelot, Meryl and Otacon. Expect this to sneak into stores with PS3s in 2006.

A Tekken movie is in the works with Sony signing on to distribute the film in the US. Based on the Namco videogame series, the film will revolve around two friends who join a martial arts tournament and eventually discover the secrets within the Tekken Corporation.
According to screenwriter Mike Werb, "The idea here is to make a realistic movie out of an unrealistic stencil… What we hope to do with Tekken is to entertain both those who have played the game, and those that haven't – there's got to be more than effects and skirmishes on screen to hold an audience."
Sounds like yet another Streetfighter debacle in the works for me- giving this game to another non-believer who's going to over-rationalize everything and ruin the franchise. Just give the damn thing to Stephen Chow so it'll be great and true to it's martial arts fantasy roots.

Gotta keep saving those quarters. Lots of gaming goodness coming next year. Woohoo!

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