Monday, May 16


Okay, don't get me wrong.

I'm really glad that Dean let me borrow his old Nokia 3100 to use while I'm waiting to get my next super phone. And really, it's a very nice little phone and the ease of use, battery life and cute form factor is just testament to the best of Nokia's designs. But darn...

No camera.

No videos or music.

No games except Snake.

No themes or wallpapers (that I actually want to look at).

No touchscreen to fiddle with.

No synching with the PC.

No notes or sketching with the stylus.

No pocket apps.


This is probably how Sauron felt, right after Isildur cut the One Ring from his fingers. Reduced to a shadow of his former self, a mere phantom. A festering eye that can do naught but stare and look about in longing.

Heh. I'm exaggerating of course. Really.

Well, for now all I can do is muster in my tower, have my orcs multiply and prepare for the day when absolute power is in my hands again. Soon. SOON.

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