Tuesday, October 5


It's confirmed, via an e-mail from Fero, writer of Camp Big Five that the late, great Questor Extreme Mangamania is now cancelled. Yep, it's the casualtly of Questor's migration to ABS-CBN Publishing, so what ever the FUCK happened there just cost me Kunoichi Boy, since I have decided that it is not worth investing any more effort with this haphazard, insert-ashcan format they seem to be doing. I've expended time, effort, brainpower and patience with this, and it just didn't happen. It's really a shame, since I really wanted to share the adventures of Jin and Mikoto to as many readers as I could. Well, I guess I can't really count on Questor, since these guys really don't seem to take good care of their talent, from what I have learned and seen... or not seen.

ANYWAY... it doesn't really mean that Kunoichi Boy is dead; it's delayed indefinitely since my priorities of course are my two main books, Angel Ace and K.I.A. Maybe someday, we'll see the adventures of the first male ninja girl, but today is not that day.

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