Tuesday, October 5

Priceless Memories

Oh, wait. Actually, I meant Pricey Memory. I went to a shop at The Cyberzone in Megamall, asking for the price of a Memory Stick Duo Pro for my P910i. For a 512 MB stick, the price is... Wait for it... 18K. EIGHTEEN THOUSAND SMACKERS!!! That's enough to get a super-phone model!!! MY GOSH!!! ARE THEY MAD?!? This price is totally ridiculous! What are those memory sticks made of? GOLD???

Well, thankfully I don't have to sell my arms and legs to upgrade my P9's memory eventually. The nice seller my brother pointed me too (the same merchant I got my 256 RS-MMC card from) gave me a fair price for the mega-size Memory Stick- about 8K for the 512MB stick. 10 thousand pesos cheaper! How's that for a discount? On the bad side, I really want a 1 Gigabyte stick, but the merchant told me that it isn't available yet. Well, I can't afford to get even just the 512 yet, so when I do, maybe the Gigastick will be available then.

Still, I'm not averse to upgrading to what I can as soon as possible. You really can't expect me to live on 32 MB worth of pics, videos and other junk forever, right? Heh.

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