Monday, October 4

Phone Booth

I was finally able to watch this unusual suspense film last night on cable. It stars Colin Farrell as an unlucky shmoe who gets picked by a psychotic sniper as a phonepal. The events that happen after the initial setup- where Farrell is suspected of killing an obnoxious pimp and has to contend with staving off police AND keeping the sniper's sights off of any innocents (not to mention himself)- is quite an interesting watch. I may have some gripes about the believability of the situation- I mean, how hard can it be to convince someone you don't have a gun when you don't HAVE A GUN? Well, it's cinematic license, and the performance of Farrell was pretty good, though the show is mostly taken by the sniper, whom we only 'see' as an evil voice till the very end of the movie (I won't spoil who plays the villain for those who haven't seen the film). Entertaining, if a little far-fetched, and it pretty much convinces me further of the great benefits of having cellphones. Heh.

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