Sunday, October 3

Ultimate Phonewhore

I got it.

I left the house in the afternoon, packing my Nokia 7610's accessories, manual and everything back into the box and loading it all in a plastic bag. I went to Greenhillls hoping, but not expecting success. But LO, I came away lugging a different bag with an altogether different phone. Yep, I've switched to the Sony Ericsson P910i, and it's FRICKIN' AMAZING. Looking at it in pics on the web really doesn't do this slick piece of tech justice. The screen is gorgeous and HUGE, and I just know I'll have a ball watching videos on this sucker.
As with all my mobile upgrading, I traded in my previous phone to reduce the price of my new one. The 7610 sheared off almost half the cash price off, but still I had to go through the nerve-wracking experience of withdrawing several thousand pesos from an ATM machine in increments. With my pocket literally bursting with bills, I paid the seller, bade goodbye to my lovely Nokia, and embraced Sony Ericsson's latest and greatest smartphone.
Looking back, I will indeed miss the 7610's megapixel muscle and the cool video recording functions, but the multimedia options available in the P910i (HUGE screen for viewing Smartmovie, a gig of memory space) convinced me long ago. Anyway, the fashionista Nokia I guess was too dressy for me... the techy, sexy P910i will probably suit me a lot better. No, it WILL, dammit. It's my phone now, and despite the fact that none of the gang will believe me, I do intend that this be the last time I switch. This year. Heh.

ANYWAY... The box is pretty big, and came bursting full of stuff, from the manual and software CDs to an extra stylus, the cool docking station (Yes, the Enterprise needs a Spaceport), a handstrap (which I will probably never use), the charger and other little doodads and doohickies. The manual is large and thick; taking it all in will take a while, but really, a lot of the functions are pretty easy to go through. All I need for now is to learn how to call and text, and then how to personalize the wallpapers and then, to see if Smartmovie works and how many vids I can stick in the meager memory (for now). I'll post a more in-depth review of my new mobile soon, once I get jiggly with it in a day or two.

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