Tuesday, October 5

Cash Flow

My recent acquisitions have finally caught up to me. I paid some bills that are totally boring and unexciting, yet undeniably important (insurance and shit), and now I realize I'm a bit in the red. Well, not really. After I pay a couple more bills tomorrow or so, THEN I'll be in trouble. No, I won't have to slaughter and eat the family dog to survive (which is good since we haven't gotten a new dog yet), or sell one of my several gaming consoles to make it to the next payday without starving to death. But it does mean I have to watch my spending from here on until next week. Yep, no more spur-of-the-moment purchases of any 500+ magazines.
Still, I may be strapped for cash, but at least I'm happy. And for once, I am glad Dead or Alive Ultimate isn't here yet, since I can't afford it! Argh...

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