Wednesday, October 6

Ninja Resurrection

There has been such a response (at least in my own mind) to the travails that my still-unreleased title Kunoichi Boy has gone through at Questor, that I am determined to get this book out in some form someday. Well, just last night I was offered by someone to have the title included in an upcoming publication, and I have pretty much accepted. If even this venture doesn't push through though, I am batting around the idea of Jin and Mikoto's adventures running alongside Angela Gale's in the pages of Angel Ace. I am thinking of using the ol' flip-book format, showcasing two titles in one book.

Of course, this is stiill just planning. We'll see what happens when it happens. But don't worry people... ninja are fickle and dangerous and almost unkillable. We haven't seen the last of Kunoichi Boy. Not by a long shot.

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