Monday, October 10

Birthday Bash and Book Binge

Yesterday my friend and ol' college bud Pot had his birthday and the UP gang got together at Super Bowl in Greenhills to celebrate with fried rice, crispy chicken, noodles, spicy shrimp, beef n' broccoli and other Chinese food staples aplenty. Afterwards, we ranged about the Promenade mall to cap the night.

Passing by Fully Booked, I surprised myself by picking up a couple of books: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and The Thousand Orcs by R.A. Salvatore. I have always seemed to make it a point to read the actual book before watching a Harry Potter movie translation, and I don't want to break that tradition now, even as it's only a month to go to the showing of the fourth HP movie in theaters. The latest trailer was pretty exciting, so I'm pretty stoked on seeing perhaps the final movie to feature the movie series' original leads (Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint) before they turn into blooming adults.
Meanwhile, it's been quite a while since I've read the adventures of dark elf adventurer Drizz't Do'Urden, but for some reason I just felt like picking up the first chapter of the latest trilogy featuring Drizz't and his comrades. As the title suggests, the main antagonists are orcs, the footsoldiers and grunts of evil... so how formidable will these low-level baddies be against heroes who have faced drow armies, demon lords and high-level assassins and come out smiling? Well, it will be interesting to see.

I will have to try and resist pouring into these new volumes since I have to finish my stuff for Project: Hero (of which I have finished the pencilling for Nikki Alfar's story) within the week in time for Saturday's deadline. Then there's the Komikon the week after that and... AAARGGHHH...

The fun never stops in the MADman's world. MAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!

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