Tuesday, October 11

National Angst

I didn't get up on the right side of the bed this morning in terms of National Pride.

I hate Filipinos. We're a horrible race. Half of us are soulless plundering bastards, while the other half don't even care. Yeah, most of us who blog are part of that uncaring half. We don't care since we believe nothing we can do will help anyway. Not unless EVERYONE picks up and bodily ejects the crap from our political system.

On the radio, it's all about the government going for that 'State of Emergency' nonsense. Meanwhile, some wise guy is proposing the formation of a Railway Academy so we will never be lacking for educated train operators. WHAT THE FOCK? So how many untold millions and kickbacks will be bandied around this time for a whole school for people to operate our rotting trains?

GOD DAMN IT. I hate Filipinos. GOD DAMN IT We are so screwed. FEH.

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