Friday, October 14


Here's an update on the Dead or Alive-HALO connection. Remember when I reported that there will be a character from the Halo universe guest-starring in DOA4? We were all expecting hologram-babe Cortana to be the one, but it appears we were all wrong (goes to show that the most obvious choice is seldom the right choice).

Nope. According to the latest Game Informer magazine, complete with pics, the Halo guest character is none other than a Spartan, or Spartan 458 to be specific, which is, as Halo gamers would know, a female version of the game's main character, Master Chief. From afar it's kinda hard to distinguish that the bulky battle-armored borg is actually a babe, but that's the fact. Now, while it's not likely that the Spartan will have a bounce, I'm actually looking forward to seeing this cyborg in action against the rest of the DOA ladies.

Dead or Alive 4 is slated for release later this year along with the launch of the new Xbox360.

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