Friday, October 14


Or, the 3-day Weekend Sale. It starts today and ends on Sunday, which just hits on a payday, which pretty much guarantees a flood of humanity to gush into the Bermuda Triangle of shopping, Ortigas Center. I don't want to waste any time- gotta make a beeline for home after work, and then sequester myself for the duration as I try to do all I can in the space of two days or so to finish my quota for Project Hero. I truly haven't been able to accomplish anything during the week- which means I have to double-triple-quadruple my efforts on Saturday and Sunday to finish 14 pages of comic book fun.

If I do manage to pull it off though, it'll mean I got my comic book groove again.

I can do it. No problem. Right. I guess. Hmmm. Whatever. Gonna be busy-busy-busy.

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