Friday, October 14

Tech Lust

The Video-capable I-Pod. DAMN.

Okay, hang onto those bonuses and Christmas pay, people.

The new I-Pod will be coming with VIDEO. Og! Yep, Apple just announced that the latest incarnation of the widly-popular music player will finally have the ability to play movies and videos on a 2.5-inch color screen. The new video pod will come in 30 or 60 gig-variants, which is a HELL of a lot more than any SD card or portable mobile hard drive (the recently announced HD for PSP clocks in at 4 gigs) can give. Wow. 60 gigs. 60 FRICKING GIGABYTES of video and music. My Gosh. And given the long-life of I-Pod batteries, you may actually enjoy a good number of these vids before needing to recharge.

And the kicker is, the new video-pod will be thinner and lighter than past models. It's designed like the recently-released I-Pod Nano, thinner than a box of light cigarettes, and can load 150 hours of video. MY GOSH!

Am I impressed? Yes. Am I interested? Yes. Still, the loveliness of having a phone that plays video is that it IS a phone, and you carry it along with you as a matter of course. An I-Pod is a wholly separate device, something you have to bring along because you want to play the stuff you have in it. But darn... this is awesome.

It's a toss-up now. Xbox360 or I-pod Video. Heh. Why not both? We'll see. We'll see. HOHO!

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