Monday, October 10


These past few months ever since I got my O2 Mini, I've been using the leather case included with the box. The case fit with a belt clip and up to yesterday had been working pretty well. However, the clip has suddenly gone iffy on me. For some reason, the case seems to 'let go' from the belt clip pretty easily now- it's already dropped to the ground about twice, once yesterday and once today (alarmingly on the street!)- good thing the thick protective leather has kept my mobile safe and unblemished.
Then, right after we had lunch at a nearby resto, my heart pretty much leapt into my throat when I felt for my phone at my waist and found NOTHING. Again, the case clip had disengaged, but luckily my Mini was just sitting there next to me on the seat.

I have to get a new beltcase- I just don't like putting my phone in a pocket; I'm too far familiar with the skill of local pickpockets. Preferably I'll get a case with a loop- one that fits around a belt and does not 'let go' with the click of a button. The chances that I could leave my lovely mobile behind on a cab, bus or car, or worse, drop it onto the road unknowingly, are just too great. I'm headed for the phone accessory shop first thing after work.

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