Thursday, January 13

Commuter Constipation

One of the biggest things which makes riding the MRT irritating are the fucking bastards, assholes, bitches and sons of bitches who root themselves near the doorways, thus preventing people from getting into the usually spacious and roomy interiors of the cars. These good-for-nothings just stay there as if their worthless frickin' lives depend on being near the door, perhaps fearing that the MRT will derail so they'll be the first ones to escape. Blasted idiots.

If I had my way, I'd have guards with CATTLE PRODS to force these shambling mounds of crapola to make way for civilized passengers. Or maybe just plain and simple bamboo spears. The ones that the zombies used on Vilma Santos in her old Darna movies. The ones that make those neat 'Chk' sounds when they sink into some victim's back. Yes.

Obviously, I had just encountered these monsters on the way to work just now. Bah. VANISHING RAAAAYYY!!!!!!!

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