Tuesday, January 11

Finish Her!

Work on K.I.A. is still progressing, little by little. First of all, I've pegged down the final page count at 160, if all things work out (read: If I can afford it). I've finished the inking for a story written by Dean, and now I'm moving on to something I've always known I've had to do but delayed... the book's prologue and epilogue. Basically, the prologue will tie the special in with Angel Ace Next, while the epilogue will give readers a cause to look forward to in future K.I.A releases. But really, it's just my way of giving myself a bit more presence in this book, since pretty much 75 percent of the art featured is from contributors and guest artists. All things considered, I am still hopeful for a February production date, so we're still shooting for release by March. Let's keep our fingers crossed.
K.I.A. is an anthology starring Kai Mishima, the lovely femme fatale from Angel Ace. After being apparently liquidated while protecting her best friend Angel's secret, Kai is reborn as Agent K, a seemingly unstoppable super assassin. With no memory of her past and a ruthless new commander sending her on mission after deadly mission, can Kai survive long enough to regain what she has lost?

The first K.I.A. release, with the subtitle Daughter of K.A.L.I., will feature a list of contributors that include Taga-Ilog, Gerry Alanguilan, Arnold Arre, Wilson Tortosa, Jennyson Rosero, Dean Alfar, Nikki Alfar, Jeremy Arambulo, Elbert Or, Jon Mallari, Karen 'Katch' Cheung, Michael Seludo, Joel Chua, Honoel Ibardolaza, Chad Cabrera, Michael Banting, Carlo Vergara, Anthony Yap, Marvin del Mundo and Edgar Tadeo.

It still boggles my mind when I think of the numbers, but if I somehow pull it out, K.I.A. should be something to see when it's finally finished. Wait for it.

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