Wednesday, January 12

Ultimate Evil

It seems that Resident Evil 4 is THE survival-horror game to get. Major gaming sites such as Gamespot, IGN and more have given the latest chapter of the RE series high marks, with comments such as 'the best survival horror game ever' being heaped on the game. The reviews cite RE4's realistic graphics, memorable enemies, gripping moments of non-stop, white-knuckle suspense and incredible gameplay. Resident Evil 4 has players controlling RE hero Leon Kennedy as he enters a bizarre world of murderous, enraged villagers and inhuman beasts in order to rescue the President's daughter. Sounds like lots of bloody great fun.

Too bad the game's on Gamecube, or else I'd probably be rushing to get a copy. Anyway, the good news is that a PS2 version is in the works, so maybe I'll be gunning down crazed villagers and hooded cultists gleefully by mid to late 2005. Yay!

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