Thursday, January 13

Heihachi's Demise

Famitsu of Japan has just posted part of the cool CG intro movie to the PS2 version of Tekken 5. The movie picks up seconds after Jin Kazama takes off at the end of Tekken 4, leaving his father, Kazuya, and grandfather, Heihachi, lying out cold. As the two older Mishimas awaken, a fleet of helicopters arrives over the temple compound, ejecting a small army of Jack robots to attack the leaders of the Mishima Zaibatsu. At first, father and son fight together, making mincemeat of the first wave of mechanical attackers. However, as more Jacks pour in, Kazuya betrays Heihachi at the last moment, hurling him into the throng of Jacks as he himself makes his escape. Heihachi curses as he is held down by sheer weight of numbers, as one of the robots' faces suddenly pops open, revealing an ominous timer counting down to zero...

The resulting explosion takes out the entire temple in a blaze of fire. Some distance away, the mysterious, Blade-lookalike Raven watches the events unfold. He whispers into a communicator the words "Heihachi Mishima... is dead." At which point, he turns and slices an approaching Jack robot into pieces the way only a ninja can.

Wanna see all this action yourself? Download the movie from here.

This is apparently only the first part of the PS2 version's intro movie, and just the first movie of a whole bunch of CG eye candy to be featured in the home release of Tekken 5. Each of the more than 20 available fighters will have a CG intro and ending to their Story Mode game. Something to watch for, when the game hits shelves in the next month or so. WOOHOO!!!

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