Thursday, January 13

Suikoden IV

The latest installment of Konami's Suikoden RPGs has been released in the US. Suikoden 4 for the PS2 once again puts players in the boots of a young hero who must gather together the 108 Stars of Destiny and battle a great evil. The latest Suikoden is set many years before the events in previous games, and will not be supporting any game saves from previous chapters. Set primarily on the high seas, Suikoden IV is about the adventures of a youth cursed with the mysterious Rune of Punishment. Players will have to gather allies, set up a stronghold, battle conspiracies and evil enemies while enjoying fun minigames like fishing, dice and other non-killing activities. Hmm.

I'll probably pick this up when I see it, though I have to admit I didn't finish Suikoden III, and this holds even less interest for me. No Viktor or Flick, most probably. Bah.

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