Friday, January 14


GORGEOUS. Simply breathtaking.

I saw it last night, and I was totally blown away. I totally recommend it to everyone.

Easily, THE best T-shirt I've bought at Comic Quest yet. The art, by Bill Sienkewicz (Damn is that spelling correct?), even surpasses the first Elektra shirt I got. My black comic book T-shirt collection is growing well. DAMN great T-shirt.

Unfortuntately, I can't really say the same thing for the Elektra movie, starring Jennifer Garner. I'm already pretty biased against the film for not capturing the visuals from the comic- yeah, Garner's in red this time, but it's still basically the same costume as in Daredevil, just lacey and red. Yes, a red body swimsuit and cloth wraps may not be the most practical in terms of covering up someone, but then again, how practical are HIGH HEELS for a matial arts fighter? Eh? Where the hell is the bandanna? Elektra has NEVER been seen without the bandanna. All we get is Jennifer Garner's brown hair flowing about like in some shampoo commercial.
Anyway, yesterday I saw the first 5 minutes of the movie downloaded online, showing Elektra's assassination of some guy played by Jason Isaacs (Lucius Malfoy in Harry Potter). There is comic book babble about how good Elektra is, like how she fought a group of The Hand's finest... and how she "cut them down like wheat". Though he also says, it took "ten to fifteen minutes, max" as well... that must have been pretty tough wheat.

If the first five minutes are to reflect the rest of the film, it doesn't look good. The mediocre fight scenes and action look just as unimpressive as in Daredevil- shot too close and uninspiringly done. How she takes out Isaacs' character isn't anything special as well. Me and my officemates watched it and afterwards we all went, 'That was it?' Not good.

I could tell months ago that the Elektra movie would pass like a ship in the night. At best, it will be at least as good as Daredevil (which was, as a friend described, was a 'slick piece of dogshit'. At worst, it is yet another example of how Hollywood can take a great license and character and force-fit it into mundane, TV movie-grade crapola.

Damn, Elektra would have made a great movie. If it had a decent budget, someone who actually read the comic, and a director and designers who have vision. But noooo... Crap. Crapcrapcrapcrapcrap. Yet another lovely femme fatale given a disservice, joining the likes of Barbwire and other B-movie queens. Sigh.

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