Thursday, January 13

Streetfighter Bible

No true-blue SF fanatic should be without this.

Last night, I made my first really satisfying blood donation of the year at Comic Quest. I only purchased one thing, but it was a doozy. It was Street Fighter: Eternal Challenge, a thick, softcover volume and the first english translation of the uber-cool Capcom Streetfighter art and material collection straight from Japan. The book is mostly in color and printed on high-quality paper, and contains pretty much EVERYTHING there is on Capcom's flagship fighting game. From the classic Streetfighter II to the latest game, Streetfighter 3: Third Strike, it's all here.

Inside are a treasure trove of some of the best videogame art and character designs EVER, with all the SF art from artists such as Bengus, Akiman, Shoei, Edayan and my favorite, Kinu Nishimura (who did my favorite artworks from SF3) and more. But this isn't just an art book- it's a historical archive of possibly the most important title in the fighting game genre. There's info and material on all the games, characters and even exclusive interviews with the artists, producers and designers of the games. Of course, the best stuff for me is the art- I've been searching in vain for a way to import these Capcom SF design and art books for years, and now I have the best of them, in one excellent translated volume. WONDERFUL!

If you're a Street Fighter completist or real fan, hie on to Comic Quest for your copy (and get 'em fast since I've been told the demand is high), or at least order if they run out. It's pricey, but darn worth every centavo. This is the only Street Fighter book you'll ever need.

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