Tuesday, January 11

Valentine Treats

The home version of Tekken 5 will be hitting shelves in the US on February 22 (A Japanese release has been slated for March 31). Wow! This really is exceptional, for the home version to come home so quickly after the release of the arcade game. Just goes to show how important the home console market has become.
The home release of Tekken 5 coincides with the series' 10th Anniversary, and a bonus remake of the original Tekken will supposedly be included on the disc (YAY!). The game will include unlockable characters, the ability to customize the look of your fighter, a mini-game featuring hero Jin Kazama and more CG movies than ever before in a Tekken game. Coolness.

With Tekken 5, Champions: Return to Arms and Frank Cho's Shanna the She-Devil coming in the month of hearts, I should be well occupied enough to totally ignore the February dating crowds. Heh.

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